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About Us


The Inspiration Behind Woofstock

Several years ago, the animal shelter in Marion County closed due to tragic circumstances.  Following the closure, a small, volunteer-based rescue formed to fill the void.


But it wasn't until September of 2022, when I was anxious for their help, that my eyes were opened to the amazing work they do and the challenges they face.  In desperation, I had reached out to the Friends of Jefferson Animals to help me with a small pack of emaciated, frightened dogs that were discarded near a cemetery on 2208, one of which was injured.  The 9-day journey it took for their rescue is one for which I will always be grateful.

While it has become an absolute privilege to subsequently lend a hand with ongoing efforts on their behalf, I have quickly recognized the burdens the organization faces.  There are too few volunteers.  There are even fewer fosters.  They are dependent on donations.   They have no shelter.  They carry the weight of all animal rescue for our county.  

And they have far too little time to reach them all.


Still, the level of dedication, courage, and love they demonstrate is inspiring. Though their phones never stop ringing and nothing in their worlds goes uninterrupted... not their meals, not their time at home with family, not their sleep, not even their vacations... they keep showing up and caring. Their lives are a chaotic blend of work and rescue... rescue and work.

Woofstock is for them.

Woofstock is for our community... to promote healing and support.

And most of all, Woofstock is in memory of "Mama Dog"... who died in my arms after being struck by a speeding truck before we could rescue her... and for all the Marion County animals like my precious 2208 Pack.


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